Rocky Mountain Pediatric Surgery was founded in 1991 by Dr. Jack Chang. A prominent university-based pediatric surgeon, Dr. Chang wanted to deliver more customized, personal care. Within a few years, his practice was rapidly expanding and he was joined by Denver native Dr. Steve Rothenberg.

Dr. Rothenberg and Dr. Chang began their pioneering work in minimally invasive surgery in children during the 1990s, basing the majority of their work at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Hospital, but also treating children at the Children's Hospital, and at several Denver area hospitals.

Our practice continues to grow. Dr. Saundra Kay joined the office in 2003, Dr. Kristin Shipman in 2008 and Dr. Bethany Slater in 2013. Following the philosophy founded by Dr. Chang, Rocky Mountain Pediatric Surgery has built a practice that is not only internationally solicited for teaching and lectures, but is recognized year after year for its 'Best Doctors in Denver' (5280 Magazine) and 'Best Doctors in the U.S.'

Today, we see patients not just from Colorado, but from the entire Rocky Mountain region and even the rest of the country. RMPS accepts local, regional, national and international referrals.

Our unique brand of surgical care includes:

  • Revolutionary minimally invasive surgical techniques to minimize pain, scarring, and risk in all operations
  • Easy access to expert pediatric surgical care in the Denver metro area
  • Custom service that is faster and easier than usually available